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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  October 2, 2012 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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t show, i'll talk to fashion icon stacy london. now, i have to figure out what not to wear, for the host of what not to wear.
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[ music ] ♪ i know what boys like i know what guys want ♪ ♪ i know what boys like boys like, boys like -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ nah, nah, nah, nah ♪ >> stephanie: 24 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. charlie pierce coming up from, he just wrote a piece from new hampshire which apparently is a battleground state, however, president obama
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is up 54%. not very battlegroundy. and elizabeth warren did very well last night in the debate. did you see the senator told. they are like who is your favorite supreme court justice, he is not scalia? [ booing ] >> stephanie: i was looking for dr. flornharn. >> justice chastro. >> stephanie: i don't even really know who they are. but "politico" wrote a piece the parallel universe that now mitt romney leads all of the polls. because the polls are all wrong.
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>> of course. >> stephanie: lee in mississippi. hi, lee. >> caller: hi stephanie. i listen to you on occasion but just was curious about what your response was -- or would be to president obama's response to the attack that occurred on american embassy, and his decision to go on television that night basically as -- i think his comment was, i'm just here for eye candy. and was that appropriate? your opinion? >> stephanie: are you talking about his appearance on "the view"? >> yes. >> stephanie: that wasn't at night. well, i think he should have spoken more prematurely like mitt romney did. >> excuse me, they actually had information several goes going into it from the ambassador
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stating that he was in fear for his life. >> stephanie: obviously the investigation is not finished yesterday. but are you denying that there has been wide-spread violence over there? >> caller: are you denying -- >> she asked you a question, ma'am. >> stephanie: they are trying to get all of the details. what your point? >> caller: my question is what is your view on his response -- >> stephanie: my response is he is waiting for all of the facts. >> caller: he went to a fund raiser that might -- >> and mitt romneying went to a similar fund raiser that night -- not yet. >> stephanie: what should he have been doing? >> should he have flown to libya
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and done the investigation himself? >> caller: i think he should have stood up as the international leader that he is supposed to be. >> stephanie: and said what? >> caller: one of the numerous numerous comments and televised conference that he has made over his political career over the last four years to the national -- the u.s. people what -- >> stephanie: the u.s. americans. >> caller: he was for the attack -- >> stephanie: before he knew all of the answers. you are aware that mitt romney has already come out and spoke prematurely? >> caller: stephanie actually president obama and his intelligence agencies already had the facts -- >> stephanie: no, they did not. >> they did not, lady. >> caller: really do you think the president wanted this to
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happen? >> caller: no. >> stephanie: then what is your point. >> caller: are you in fact insinuating that he did not realize that was a very volatile situation -- >> stephanie: of course he did. i don't think anyone thought the date was a coincidence -- >> caller: excuse me. >> well, it is the "stephanie miller show" show, lady. don't talk to her like that please. >> stephanie: that's all right. >> caller: let's have some decorum then. oh, lee, we're out of time. that's was delightful. have a little [ censor bleep ] decorum, chris! >> how dare you not have decorum! >> i am talking and you should be listening to me. >> she did not answer any of your points. she just went on your little tirade. >> stephanie: something is going
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on. wait a minute you are on my side? what is happening. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ (vo) what is said here could decide the election. current tv presents coverage of the presidential debate. with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> you're going to hear that used as a major talking point. (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >>now that's politically direct.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> it shows her pleasant disposition -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> her morning hums are what help bet me out of bed. >> stephanie: it is the character of mike the engineer everybody. that means something has gone horribly awry. >> so perhaps we're talking to nobody right now. >> stephanie: maybe. hey, guess what we're having jen psaki on the show. and it's so weird because i
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brought sushi today. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: mitt romney says the debate is not about winning. >> oh. [ applause ] >> stephanie: that's because he is going to lose. >> all right. take care then. bye-bye. >> the lakes. the end of the lakes. pancakes. >> stephanie: yeah, he is just going to be shouting objects at that point. all right. the president. >> obama: who is going to put the most points on the board? [ cheers ] >> obama: no, no, governor romney, he is a good debater. i'm just okay. >> consider your expectations lowered. >> stephanie: all right. >> how low can you go? >> stephanie: karen in virginia you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi karen. >> hi, miss stephanie. how are you. >> stephanie: good. okay. >> caller: it is pouring down
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rain here in virginia. cantor's tears because wayne powell came out swinging in that debate. ♪ let's hear it for the boy ♪ >> caller: he started out swinging and all you could see was cantor just -- you could tell he was getting furious. >> he was probably bitchy faced -- >> caller: he didn't answer any questions. he danced around -- it is all about how these attacks that's not getting anything done in washington -- >> yeah, but cantor is not getting anything done in washington. >> stephanie: yeah who would be behind that? >> caller: gee i don't know maybe him. >> stephanie: that is awesome. i had a feeling that wayne con for was going to kick ass. >> caller: he did. why last year when we were facing the debt crisis and the shutdown of the government why he voted to continue the pay for
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congress, but not for any of our serving members out in the battlefields. >> stephanie: yeah. yeah. >> caller: and he never did answer the question. he just kept the attacks. the attacks. and i'm thinking to myself my daughter busts her butt every day that works for a veteran's administration, that pace these soldiers rent, and pays for diapers for babies because a lot of organizations won't give them cash. and these kids -- it takes about a year for their benefits to catch up with to them and can i plug it -- >> stephanie: sure. >> caller: eric cantor works 109 days of work. >> stephanie: yeah, where do i get that deal. yay!
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yay! >> this really fs up my weekend. >> stephanie: mudcat is probably laughing his ass off whistling on the porch. mike in chicago you are on the "stephanie miller show." welcome. >> caller: good morning, stephanie, how are you. >> stephanie: good, go ahead, mike. >> caller: thanks so much for having me on. the other night i was driving my son to a basketball game and i saw joe walsh's campaign bus broken down on the side of the road. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: embemattic of the entire republican campaign. >> caller: exactly. and two hours later, there was finally a tow truck arriving. >> stephanie: there you go.
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>> caller: they redirected me out of that district so i can't even vote for tammy. i'm really loney out here in chicago. but i really enjoyed your show when you came to town. >> stephanie: oh thank you. >> caller: yeah, and we really appreciate everything you have done out here. my son is like they'll be gone and i'm like it's sunday night not too much help out, especially for a big rv like that. >> stephanie: exactly. thank you, honey. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: by the way speaking of douche nozzles. allen west down in florida. so guess what he did? >> what? >> stephanie: he launched a sleazy ad. >> really? >> stephanie: he is running against patrick murphy and get this -- [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: in a bid to hold
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on to his house seat allen west is making patrick murphy's mug shot the subject of the ad. on a single night in 2003 west was preparing to go to war, murphy was allegedly being arrested outside of a nigh club after a drunken college brawl. two men, one country, you decide. murphy was 19 when he was arrested. and west was later reprimanded for his conduct in iraq. >> and if you seen the headline of jean getz this morning? what porn star did allen west
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demind of his lady. [♪ dramatic music ♪] >> wow. okay. >> apparently some letters have beener is accepted. >> stephanie: what? >> when allen west was in iraq he wrote letters home to his lady wife and asked if she was his porn star. >> stephanie: oh wow. computer says naaa. >> stephanie: let's go to jean in west virginia. >> caller: hi, stephanie. >> stephanie: hi. >> caller: i wanted to talk about how the republican party keep saying that mitt romney has a change of strategy. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: he is using the same strategy that they used from george bush, which i think came
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from george carlin that if you can't dazzle them with your brilliance -- [overlapping speakers] >> stephanie: exactly. exactly. >> caller: i think that's what they are doing. every time you see ryan up there, and he said smart people aren't going to vote for them. i think he has got it. >> stephanie: exactly. do you do that too? i find myself at home just pre-emptively yelling it's bull [ censor bleep ]. it helps you get through watching a romney sound bite. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: mitt romney struggles to sharpen message. no, we have got it. we don't want it. >> that knife is pretty dull. >> stephanie: the electoral butter knife. >> it's a spork. >> stephanie: mitt romney's campaign is a kentucky fried chicken spork. [ laughter ]
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>> stephanie: these stories with one after another of the romney camp in disarray. the campaign vowed to deliver a sharper, bigger message. >> big and sharp with a spork. >> stephanie: yes, it's coming now. >> wait for it. here it comes. here it comes, the sharp -- big sharp thing. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: the gop nominee trying to move beyond an erratic campaign streak. he has been taking advantage of targets of opportunity offered up by obama. i must have missed those. his message has shifted so frequently that it smacks more of a scramble to see what sticks than a coherent message. >> this is from huff-poe the electoral map, romney 191, obama
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232. >> stephanie: oh, boy. that's a sharp message. >> that's sharp. >> stephanie: romney has defense cuts to obama's car on coal -- [ scooby-doo's "huh?" ] >> stephanie: in the space of one 72-hour period romney careens from brandishing the 14 year old video to an all-outattack on the president using it's impossible to change washington from the inside. they both disputed suggestions that the candidate's message has grown hazy. vowing to sharpen the campaign. it is going to be sharp, jim. >> like cheddar cheese. >> stephanie: one day it's a dog, then a rabbit, then a squirrel. this is what the campaign has become.
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[ laughter ] >> shiny thing. >> stephanie: moose, squirrel. [♪ mysterious music ♪] >> stephanie: i said this a couple of weeks ago. the campaign is going to consist of him pointing to objects. >> trees lakes, pancakes -- >> stephanie: clouds. he just said that last week. look at the clouds. >> chair. >> stephanie: chair. doughnut. >> ahhhhh. >> caveman lawyer. >> stephanie: and they told him stop talking about medicare and the budget -- just talk about your love of the outdoors. this is what we have gotten to. paul ryan going i like air, and so shoot things outside in the air. [ laughter ] >> here is the rifle i bought for my daughter. >> stephanie: i bought my
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10-year-old daughter a rifle for christmas. >> rifles tend to have recoil. >> stephanie: girls flying into the jukebox. all right. 45 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: if you turn her on, she'll turn you on. >> oh god. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ u>> i'm not prone tot. understatement, so explain to me why that is. i think the mob learned from wall st., not vice versa.
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you've heard stephanie's views. >>no bs, authentic, the real thing. >>now, let's hear yours at the only online forum with a direct
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line to stephanie miller. >>the only thing that can save america now: current television. >>join the debate now. [ ♪ music ♪ ] ♪ hollywood nights this those hollywood years ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ was looking so right in her diamonds and frills ♪ >> stephanie: wa-ha.
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it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 51 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. big week. debate week. and tonight i get to do the most exciting thing i have ever done in my entire life. [ screaming ] . >> stephanie: i have to wait and talk about it tomorrow. >> perhaps you have said too much. >> stephanie: why. >> people can research what is happening tonight? >> stephanie: they can? >> yes, they can. >> stephanie: then perhaps i spoke too soon. no, they can't. >> sure they can. >> stephanie: you'll have to tell me during the break what you mean. bruce in michigan hello. >> caller: hello. basically what i called about is to try to explain into these republicans that tune into your show let's say they make under $2 million a year, as long as they keep voting for these
6:51 am
people like romney and supporting these tax breaks that they get, we are playing for these tax breaks. we need roads, police, et cetera, and as long as we allow them to pay 13% when they should be paying much more, they are taking health care away from children, that need -- the family can't take them to the doctor. they can't pay for utilities, et cetera, and so forth, and they need to understand, you know, once they get all of our money, they are going to destroy us. so they really need to change their attitude about what is going on here. >> stephanie: yep, i hear you honey. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: sometimes i'm distracted by headlines while i'm talking. michele bachmann, we must ban
6:52 am
filafel in school lunches. >> scarborough: oh, sweet jesus! >> stephanie: she claims that that and other foods of that origin should be removed from school lunches. >> stephanie: she may be beaten this time. wow, you would finally be rid of that [ censor bleep ] and her big gay husband. >> i have just been told by kobe at current that the filafel story was a parody.
6:53 am
>> stephanie: oh, okay. she would become a whole story, because literally everything she said was like a pants on fire. so finally they just said there is a quota of [ censor bleep ]. that's why she is so ripe for parity. julie, hi. >> caller: hi, steph. i highly recommend that everyone watch the airing of the warren debate. he rep mentioned her for saying something while he was speaking. he said i'm not one of the students in your class. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: would he dare say that to a man? >> stephanie: yeah, and he did discuss his staffers that were
6:54 am
going the tomahawk chop? >> caller: no. he didn't say that. what a jerk. >> stephanie: exactly. >> she doesn't look indian. look at her, i don't see any feathers. >> stephanie: she should dress like pokahantus just to [ censor bleep ] up the debate. >> caller: you know that show the five. the chicks on there look like hookers. they dress like hookers. >> stephanie: are you saying i don't look like a hooker. >> caller: but they are "stephanie miller show" wannabes. they are called the fives. >> stephanie: we're the three. >> i think the original title
6:55 am
was the five skaipgs. >> stephanie: tbone is being a scamp. he said did steph just tease that she has a date with jodie foster tonight! [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: no, it's much more exciting. >> stephanie: animal vegetable, or mineral. >> stephanie: i'm not telling you. chris is why we can't have nice things [ inaudible ]. >> caller: he is hilarious and jim ward is so sexy. >> oh, thank you. >> caller: they keep accusing the president of benghazi when everybody thought the biggest trouble would be in egypt, or
6:56 am
triply, triply was heavily guarded. and i don't know why they keep calling the president a muslim communist. there aren't very many of those people in the world. >> stephanie: that's right. colby in mississippi you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: good morning, i just want to apologize for miss lee on behalf of mississippi, because everybody doesn't think like that down here. >> stephanie: oh really. >> caller: people down here doesn't correlate what government actually does. conservative republicans got beat out by tea party republicans in my county.
6:57 am
all of the supervisors are like we are going to cut everything. people started losing their food programs, the library time was cut down to two days and literally 200 people showed up demanding that the library be opened back up to five days a week. and the old people get their food. >> stephanie: yeah romney and ryan think that the old people are just hogging all of the food. and i think we need the library to stay open longer you know why? so people can pronounce it library. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: he seemed lovely though. 58 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ street corner.
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: hello, current tvland. hello birthday girl. ♪ you say it's your birthday ♪ >> stephanie: it's jacki schechner's birthday! >> i have no shame when it comes to my birthday. i'm one of those people that tells everybody the week before, still celebrating the week after, it's all about me today. >> stephanie: the whole audience in seattle burst into happy birthday to me, and i was like
6:59 am
how did you know? >> steph and i are doing a secret santa birthday gift exchange tomorrow. >> stephanie: what i got jacki schechner adorbs. it's very cute. >> did you really? >> stephanie: don't spoil the surprise. >> we'll have to talk about it if it's what i think it is. i mentioned it to steph, and she was like huh, where do you get those? >> stephanie: i did it. >> we no mitt romney is not going to win the latino vote but the question now is how much is he going to lose it by. the president is now up 52 points amongst latino voters compared to six weeks ago, the support has dropped from 26 to
7:00 am
21%. back in august, romney said he was aiming for 38% of the hispanic vote. that was seven points more than what john mccain had in 2008. latinos are the largest minority group in the united states. 23.7 million are eligible to vote in this election. that is a record but turnout is traditionally lower for this minority than white or black voters overall. some churches are working to turn out the latino and african american vote bypassing out voter registration cards in battle ground states and asking people to promise to participate in caravans to get souls to the polls on election day. and since latinos are not likely to vote for mitt romney it is not stopping him from trying to
7:01 am
win them over. he is going to honor the temporary work permits that allow young people to stay in the country. we're back in just a minute. what not to wear.
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>>and now to my point. that is a whole bunch of bunk!
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the powerful my steal an election but they cannot steal democracy. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> this hour of the "stephanie miller show" brought to you by republican today's thought from republican swine if you don't like elitists draft dodgers and flip floppers
7:05 am
but won't vote for mitt romney you are a republican swine. >> stephanie: wow. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. jen psaki, obama for america traveling press secretary joining us. >> she is in nevada right now with the president. she has some inside dirt. >> stephanie: yeah. also charlie pierce, very, very exciting. and also i'm doing the most exciting thing i think ever in my life. >> what is that? >> stephanie: i can't say. i can talk about it tomorrow though. [ applause ] >> stephanie: we have lots to get to on the big show. including -- i think she is here. jingle her in. birthday girl. ♪ i think she [ inaudible ] the
7:06 am
only who didn't fail and got it right was jacki schechner ♪ ♪ so happy together ♪ >> stephanie: good morning, birthday girl. >> good morning. you know what the morning crew got me for my birthday? >> what? >> bigger thighs. they got me pastries and much fins -- >> stephanie: it's okay. you are a little teeny tiny thing. that's good. so kids i don't know if you know what jacki schechner got america for its birthday whatever. health care. she got you obamacare. did you see this for breast cancer awareness month. every woman in america needs to see this jacki schechner. >> what did i get them. >> stephanie: 47 million women with get mammograms with no co-pay, medicare provided
7:07 am
provided 6 million free ma'am mow grams last year that's what jacki schechner got you! [ applause ] >> i got everybody free boob smashes. >> stephanie: so thank you, jacki. >> for people who are just now tuning in. the commonwealth funded analysis of the two health care plans, and mitt romney's plan would actually leave more people uninsured than before. >> stephanie: nicely done. >> 72 million people would be without coverage it would make the situation worse. >> yes but they are part of the 47% i don't care about. >> pretty much. >> stephanie: oh, but fortunately every other part of his campaign is going to well. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪]
7:08 am
>> stephanie: this just in. judge blocks voter id law in pennsylvania. >> that's good. it will give us at least some time to try to get people indication. that's the problem we're less than six weeks out now. >> stephanie: exactly. are we very excited about our debate coverage tomorrow. >> i cannot wait. >> stephanie: i know. and then i'm going to stay there and drink, and watch the debate and taunt you. >> that's what i heard. >> you are just going to destroy the sets -- >> she is going to be a little clingy. >> stephanie: i don't get to see her in person very often, so i'm like a kowala. she'll have to pry me off of her. >> i don't know if you tune in
7:09 am
to "the young turks" in the afternoon, but she does a lot of twitter stuff. >> stephanie: and you guys are like the a-team. we're not even prime time. we'll be like little match girls -- and then the a-team will do post debate coverage. >> yes. it is past my bedtime but i'll be forced to attend. >> stephanie: everybody is doing it from new york. >> the big guys. stepchildren are here in l.a. >> stephanie: yeah, we're going to be drinking and partying. al gore is like -- >> the traffic is so bad. that's the only reason why you want to hang out.
7:10 am
she is like it is just going to be too much traffic for me to get back to my house. >> stephanie: it's l.a. there's too much traffic i'll miss the debate. i'm bringing my hat. >> stephanie: the hat with the funnel? >> stephanie: exactly. >> i picture stephanie's hat having an actual box of wine on top of it. >> stephanie: all right. this story is kind of like an ahhhhh, love story from gawker. man gives girlfriend another chance after she tore his scrotum. >> oh! >> stephanie: she doesn't remember it. despite the fact that his ex-girlfriend received a suspended jail sentence for nearly ripping off his -- he decided to patch thing ups.
7:11 am
>> literally. >> stephanie: he still have feelings for the mother of four. he decided to give the relationship another go. >> so it wasn't just a hole in his scrotum. he had to be reattached? >> stephanie: yes. things were fine for a while, but after another altercation -- [ bell chimes ] >> stephanie: he decided to actually end it. >> what was the second altercation when he finally decided he had had enough. >> stephanie: you know what now -- >> shame on you. second time shame on me. >> stephanie: all right. birthday girl thank you for staying for that sleazy story. >> my pleasure. love you guys. >> stephanie: there she goes. she needs some pastries doesn't
7:12 am
she? you know what we need to do now? >> what? >> stephanie: look at pictures of cute animals. it currents out what we do is the right thing. japanese study shows looking cute animal stories is boosts productivity. >> stephanie: oh, look. spending time at work looking at cute animals may be good for business. >> stephanie: we're way ahead of ya. >> cats in sinks. >> we're all about the lol cats. we are. >> stephanie: that's how baby monkey riding backwards on a pig started, chimpanzee riding on a segue. what was the weaner dog doing? >> i can't remember.
7:13 am
>> stephanie: all right. you are still looking for it? >> here it is. >> stephanie: fine. ♪ monkey baby monkey riding backwards on a pig, baby monkey ♪ >> this makes me so happy. yeah. both the pig and the monkey were terrified. >> they look happy. ♪ baby monkey baby monkey riding on a pig, baby monkey ♪ >> stephanie: so you know what is sadder than us? >> what? >> stephanie: the people that wrote that song. [ applause ] >> stephanie: and they made the catchiest song ever. >> stephanie: oh, yeah. >> that will be in your head the
7:14 am
rest of the day. >> stephanie: yeah. no good. is it too late to do right-wing world? >> we can do a couple. >> stephanie: all right. let's dive in. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: rush limbaugh. >> mitt romney just could go full bore conservative. ignore obama. just go conservative in these debates, he would wrap it up. admittedly conservatism has something that scares a lot of people. it does put you in charge of your life. >> stephanie: oh no. >> but that's the beauty of it. >> yes. >> stephanie: we have to take responsibility and care for our own lives? no! we're the 4 #%. >> how can you take responsibility for your maid getting your oxycontin. >> stephanie: we're the 47% bonbon ethers. glenn beck. >> i know mitt romney wasn't
7:15 am
your first choice nor was he mine. ho wasn't even my third. i am to the point where, a, i think god is trying to make this so clear to us that if it happens, it's his finger. >> yep. >> because nothing looks good. and yet everybody i know who i consider a spiritual giant feels good. and that bothers me because there is like there is no reason i should feel good on this. >> stephanie: no. [♪ dramatic music ♪] >> stephanie: the skies will open and all of the battleground states will come to their senses. >> he sounds a little down. >> stephanie: he sounds a little crazy. >> i think the finger of god is going to change every for us. >> scarborough: oh, sweet jesus! >> stephanie: oh, sweet jesus, really? [ laughter ]
7:16 am
>> stephanie: glen beck is making baby jesus cry. >> yeah. >> stephanie: 17 minutes after the hour. more right-wing world including why the polls are wrong except for the ones with their math. >> okay. oh dear. >> that woman is about as subtle as a rhino horn up the backside. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: okay kids. jen psaki obama for america traveling press secretary joins us this hour but more importantly -- it is still jacki schechner's birthday. ♪ >> stephanie: jim ward wants to know if birthday spankings are still allowed tomorrow in person. >> oooooooooh, interesting. >> stephanie: i would say no if i were you, jacki. >> do i get to pick who gives them, or does it have to be jim.
7:57 am
>> oh. >> stephanie: all right. jacki schechner very exciting debate stuff tomorrow. we will be doing the debate hour from 4 to 5:00 pacific. >> yes and we get to be in the same room. with my luck they will bring you guys here and then sequester me in a side room. >> i think steph has some power. she can demand you be in the room with us. >> stephanie: no i don't. >> really? >> stephanie: here she is the girl in the plastic news bubble. jacki schechner. >> first the romney campaign was all about keeping debate expectations low. now the candidate himself is saying it is not about who wins or loses. tomorrow night's debate is the start of a month-long conversation about the choice ahead for america. romney used a rally in denver to
7:58 am
try out his foreign policy attacks. he also attacked president obama on the mandatory spending cuts that will kick into place at the beginning of the year if congress cannot come to some sort of agreement that will stop us from going over the so-called fiscal cliff. senate leaders are planning to use the post election session to hammer out some sort of deal to avoid the automatic tax increases. right now a bipartisan group is coming together to work on what would be a three-step process of reducing the deficit by $2 trillion. and in pennsylvania a judge has ruled against the state's voter id law for the time being. voters will not be stopped from casting a ballot. the judge said there is not
7:59 am
enough time with five weeks to go for the number of people who need photo id and those who have already gotten it. we're back with more steph after the break. stay with us. election but they cannot steal democracy.
8:00 am
8:01 am
what the current audience can expect from my show is the unexpected. >>stephanie miller challenges the system, now it's your turn. >>it's a little bit of magic. >>connect with "talking
8:02 am
liberally with stephanie miller" at and on twitter at smshow. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: i can barely contain myself this week. i -- it turns out i can say what i am doing tonight. >> what? >> stephanie: i'll tell you in just a bit. i'm going to the final fund raiser in los angeles for
8:03 am
president president. featuring katy perry, earth, wind andfire stevie wonder. >> you know who is going to be on the show tomorrow? >> stephanie: who. >> obama surrogate. [ applause ] >> stephanie: and now jen psaki who is a big name. >> good morning. >> stephanie: i need some lead-in music. >> stephanie: you are with the president in nevada. >> i am. i am. it's pretty warm and desert like here, i have to tell you. >> yeah, it is. i was just there over the within. >> oh, you were? >> yeah. >> i are see you in los angeles this weekend. >> stephanie: are you coming? oh god it is so excited. did i forget to mention the president will also be there at the concert. >> oh, yeah. and i'm excited about the other
8:04 am
people just as much if not more. >> stephanie: i know they did it to me again. i popped for the one that p!nk was supposed to do and then they got me again. >> that's great. >> stephanie: how is the president feeling? he joked today that debate prep is a drag. >> yeah, it is not probably his favorite thing to do. yesterday we went to a field office and he called people at home. and it is always funny because people don't believe it is him. they always say this is not the president. and he always says yes, it is. so he did that yesterday -- >> i promise i'm not fred [ inaudible ]. >> stephanie: is he afraid of
8:05 am
mitt romney zingers? >> well, i think we'll all be watching, because they have been preparing their zingers for months. but the president just sees this very differently. he is going to speak directly to the american people. people sitting on their couches at home, people who haven't focused on the fact that there is an election. we know there is a huge audience, and that's what we're focused on. >> stephanie: both sides always play the lowering the expectations game, right? >> of course. it is part of the game. >> stephanie: so the thing is, i'm curious how you guys are feeling. you probably saw chris christie said it is going to be a whole new day, and the whole campaign is going to start all over. >> he said it is going to turn the whole thing upside down, and we believe chris christie. but the president is focused on
8:06 am
speaking to the american people. when the romney campaign says they are going to have a game changer, what does that mean? they will tied or up in ohio? or surging in nevada? we'll see what that means. we don't think the american people are looking for zingers. >> stephanie: yeah exactly. i think one thing the president and the vice president have been doing that is really smart is trying to box mitt romney in on taxes. biden said if governor romney's plan goes into effect it could mean that every one of you would be paying more on your social security. don't you have to force mitt romney to finally give the american people some specifics. >> they haven't had a great week on that front. paul ryan said on sunday that there wasn't enough time to explain it which i think the
8:07 am
american people may say wait a second. and they have a series of misfires and try to answer the question. i think the american people are looking for answers. if you are a teacher or a firefighter, you are thinking why am i paying a higher tax rate than this guy? >> stephanie: yeah. and i didn't think it was has bad has his last appearance on fox news where he said he hadn't actually run the numbers. >> yeah you should run those numbers. >> stephanie: yeah. jen when you heard about the 47% video, did you believe it? >> there were things as you remember -- there were pieces of that video that trickled out over the course of 24 hours, so with every piece it was more and more -- not unbelievable, but i
8:08 am
think i was like many americans sitting there thinking did he really say all of that? and the problem for mitt romney is this just solidifies what people think he thinks. you know? yeah. he thinks that the wealthiest should have the tax benefits not the middle class, and that's part of the problem for them. >> stephanie: that's exactly right. that's why clearly the polls are showing that it is not resinating. because it is not a gaffe, it is their policies. >> right. he said many things that left people scratching their heads who saw the video later. >> stephanie: right. speaking of taxes, is that going to be an issue again? because i didn't believe that mitt romney can get away with that little transparency with breaking the standard that every presidential candidate including his father -- if he won't show us his own tax -- and he is
8:09 am
trying to make part of this campaign based on taxes. that's unconscionable. >> the president always says when you are running for office people want to lift the hood and kick the tires, and know what you are all about. the american people want to know did you invest in chinese companies? did you invest in -- you know what kind of companies -- investments were you involved in? and i think that's part of what we think should be in the discussion, and many people agree. there was a big story on the front of the times about how mitt romney financially benefited from bain. and if you are a teacher going to work, you are thinking why do i have to pay a higher rate. >> stephanie: yeah, it's a basic
8:10 am
question of fairness. for instance if you are running -- literally it sounds like they think everything is off balance -- like you are running on your record as a business person and he doesn't want to talk about bain. >> right. >> stephanie: he apparently doesn't want to talk about his record as governor of massachusetts. >> right. my favorite is he takes credit for covering children with health care, but one of the first things he wants to do in office is veto the affordable care act. >> stephanie: yeah, you know the sheer sign of desperation in the romney camp is that he brought up romney care. that was really -- wow. they are trying to react to this 47% video, which is so damaging right? >> yeah, that's true. i think where we are, is we just have to keep reminding supporters that this race will be close because the country is
8:11 am
divided. it is not over until the fat lady sings. so we have a little while to go here. >> stephanie: people have pointed that out, jen, obviously people that want to see a horse race say carter was ahead by the same amount over reagan at this point, and blah blah, blah. how concerned are you? >> we think the polls will narrow, just because we're not going to win some of these states by the amount where the polls show them at this stage. and that's a natural part of the ebbs and flows of any campaign. and we want to make sure that somebody who supports the president doesn't say i don't really need to get out there and register, because this thing is locked. and it's not locked. and that's one of the things we're worried about and focus on every day. >> stephanie: how concerned are you about a lot of these voter suppression tactics.
8:12 am
we obviously just won a great victory this morning in pennsylvania. >> we did. it's something we are very focused on and the best thing we can do for people in those states is education them. and make sure they have the information they need for when and how they can vote. it's unfortunate of course that there is any effort to prevent or limit people's access to voting. whether you are a democrat republican, independent, it doesn't matter to us. we think you should vote. so we have spent a lot of time and resources educating these people in how to vote. >> stephanie: you would think if you were really confident in your positions, you would want as many people as possible to vote. >> well, you said that not me. >> exactly. >> there is clearly motivation
8:13 am
going on here. >> stephanie: jen you are press secretary, you know i'm trying to drag you into my own publicity. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: you can still get tickets in the l.a. area. >> that's right. i believe there are still tickets available. >> stephanie: it's at the nokia theater here in l.a. julian castro who knocked it out of the park -- >> that is a rising star there. >> stephanie: i think we're still bouncing from the convention, aren't we jen? >> we have seen some ennergy -- we did a bus tour through florida that weekend, and ever since then the people are really feeling it and getting excited. so we have 34 more days to keep it up, and then sleep on november 6th. >> stephanie: yeah and stevie wonder, jennifer hudson it's an
8:14 am
unbelievable concert. and does the president talk about me a lot before you go? >> all the time. my sister's name is stephanie so i never know who he is talking about. >> stephanie: awesome. in that was good. nicely done, jen. thank you see you sunday. >> thank you see you sunday. >> stephanie: jen psaki she is a traveling press secretary. >> she is important. >> stephanie: oh, i know the president, blah, blah blah, steph. >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> stephanie: oh mr. president, hush i have heard enough. >> oh, god. >> stephanie: she played along. she is good. >> yeah. >> stephanie: 18 minutes after the hour. maybe i'll get another picture of his hand or something this sunday. >> a blurry picture of his hand yeah. >> stephanie: 18 minutes after the hour. kids go to meeting we use it here all the time. >> all the time.
8:15 am
>> stephanie: meetings can be a drag, but not with go to meeting because it's fun. you don't have to leave your house. boom one click, and everybody is up on your computer in crystal clear hd quality, which at my age is not a good thing, but still people like it. you can switch who runs the meeting during the course of the meeting. >> if you have control issues you can take over someone else's desktop. >> stephanie: right. i don't know who he is talking about, but if it's you get, go to meeting. built-in hd conferencing you can see each other face-to-face. i can be on the run on my ipad, on my iphone and join a meeting like that. freeh try it free for 30 days. use the promo code stephanie.
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19 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> what the hell was that? >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪
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8:18 am
unleashed. joy behar. >> on my next show, i'll talk to fashion icon stacy london. now, i have to figure out what
8:19 am
not to wear, for the host of what not to wear. ♪ ♪ i heard that -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ [ censor bleep ] and you didn't think they would hear it you are talking like that getting everybody fired up ♪ ♪ i ain't no holla back girl, i about it no holla back girl ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." # 4 minutes after the hour.
8:20 am
our banana grams are here. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: i recently got my ass kicked in banana gram by by -- ethel kennedy. >> yes. >> stephanie: speaking of exciting -- i guess i can say what i'm doing tonight. >> what are you doing tonight? >> stephanie: i'm going to seriously poo myself. [ farting sounds ] >> don't do that. >> stephanie: guess who i get to meet for the first time in my life? >> who? >> stephanie: carol burnett. [ screaming ] >> stephanie: she and lily tomlin -- they invited me to the
8:21 am
tonight show. and i get to hang out in her dressing room and poo myself. [ farting sounds ] >> stephanie: i brought like a year's supply of adult diapers. >> just don't go all [ inaudible ] on her please. >> stephanie: remember that? that was awesome. you know how quickly i'll be ejected from security. no i have become good friends with her daughter jody. i had to explain why there's a giant creepy picture of her, her mother and sister in my house, because people are like are you friends with them? and i'm like no i have never met any of them. and she is like that's creepy. and i explained to them that they have this book on the set, and so they gave it to me -- and she is like wow that's creepy.
8:22 am
and there are other pictures of my mom in your house. [♪ dramatic music ♪] >> stephanie: i'm so creepy. oh, dear. and the president on sunday for the big concert. my life is really -- and then the rest of it is a complete wreck. >> who won the contest to be your bff? >> stephanie: nobody yet. we'll see how things go. a little bit of lottery going on. >> see how much cash and prizes you can suck in before you decide. >> stephanie: yeah i popped for the vip tickets. steph, thanks for the great show. on fire. so happy to be part of the action. we gave you a good spanking. yeah, ow. seattle spanks hard. i'm bruised. >> oh, dear.
8:23 am
>> stephanie: i gave people my wine. that's how much i give and love. >> and they gave you back their cold sores. >> stephanie: right. next time please bring roleland's sweaty balls out for a bow. i think he did. [ applause ] >> did he show them? >> stephanie: no. >> like he showed you. >> stephanie: he didn't mean to. i'm still traumatized. >> well he saw your cooter too. >> stephanie: he looked on purpose. john go ahead. >> caller: happy birthday to you, belated, and happy bit day to jacki. i voted today in ohio. i was fifth in line, but second to get my ballot in. >> stephanie: good for you. that's -- probably -- i think a lot of people are going to feel
8:24 am
relieved just because all of these stories of voter suppression to get your vote in early? >> caller: yeah, i'm happy to get it in. i'm really happy today, and the best part was we had a tea bagger in line with us. he was a card-turning republican, and he was bragging about it because it was autographed by rick santorum on the back. >> stephanie: in brown marker? >> caller: actually it was blue. >> stephanie: all right. he didn't get it. [ farting sounds ] >> stephanie: that would be funny if somebody just kept handing him a brown marker. >> oh. >> stephanie: 29 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ >> without the naked ladies . >> stephanie: and music.
8:25 am
[ humming ] >> where is my daughter. >> stephanie: all right. (vo) what is said here could decide the election. current tv presents coverage of the presidential debate. with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> you're going to hear that used as a major talking point. (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >>now that's politically direct.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> she is so amazing, i have to listen. >> are you sure that's the type of person you want as your life coach? she just seems a little off. >> stephanie: hi, i am a life coach. it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour. tyler is from beaverton, oregon. [ giggling ] >> stephanie: hi tyler, how are you doing? >> caller: good. my wife was the one that did your dog portraits. she wanted to wish you a happy birthday. >> stephanie: i loved them. it's max and freds in suits and
8:30 am
ties drinking cocktails. >> caller: she will be very pleased that you enjoy them. >> stephanie: where are they up on -- >> your facebook page. >> stephanie: they are so handsome. >> these dogs think they are people. [ applause ] >> stephanie: pamela writes steph i agreed to adopt a rescue dog named molly. within 24 hours i noticed my voice went off a few octaves every time i would talk to her. my dear husband knew it was all over. molly immediately went from foster dog to owning us in a few
8:31 am
days. she lives to go hiking and point out all of the poo piles so my husband can leave notes by them. can you give a shoutout to remind people that there are lots of rescue dogs that need homes. [ applause ] >> stephanie: eric writes steph, voter suppression bill in pennsylvania. thousands of disenfranchised voters will be allowed to vote and we get ticklish camel. thank you the coffee spewed out of my nose and on to my cat, shadow. [ applause ] >> oh. we're not an either/or proposition here. >> stephanie: the camel is ticklish. it's up on my facebook page.
8:32 am
andy in pennsylvania. >> caller: hi stephanie. now that the law has been overturned, it doesn't mean that they won't have people going to the poll stations and asking for photo photo ids. you need to challenge them. and say i need to see your ids. >> stephanie: that's right. jerome go ahead. >> caller: hi, stephanie. the voter suppression law was turned down here. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: they stopped voter registration in five of the battleground states. unbelievable. >> stephanie: yeah. yeah. >> caller: and one more thing. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: i saw the president in florida and there were a
8:33 am
bunch of people standing behind them with signs saying republicans for obama. i was shocked at that. they need to show that all over the country. >> stephanie: absolutely. here are some fun facts about voter suppression. even rick scott can't find any non-citizen voters. he targeted as many as 180,000 individuals, and it quickly emerged that his lists were deeply flawed. all of florida's county collection officials refused. maybe he wants to investigate the republican voter fraud going on in florida. >> bet he's on that. >> stephanie: his own data undermines his claim after comparing databases rick scott
8:34 am
barely uncovered any potential non-citizens. in total 198 names, jim. 8 million people voted last time. and of those possible 198 names, only 38 have actually voted. the most likely explanation for why many of them became registered voters is they accidentally registered while trying to fill out a driver's license. [ applause ] >> stephanie: all right. the president on the campaign trail yesterday. >> obama: it took a bunch of years to get us into this mess it will take a bunch more to get us out. >> romney: i will make sure the young people of today have great jobs and a bright future. >> sure, great jobs in china.
8:35 am
>> stephanie: yeah, and by cutting student loans and pell grants. >> i'll make sure to do it. don't ask me how. >> stephanie: no. >> he gets angry when you ask him now. >> stop it! >> this country is ready for a turn around. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> this country is ready -- [ cheers and applause ] >> this country is ready for mitt romney. [ cheers and applause ] >> stephanie: oooooooooh. >> ann romney: stop it. >> stephanie: she is warm. >> this is hard. you want to try it get in the ring. this is hard. >> stephanie: even eskimos go oh icy. did we pull up another cartoon by our favorite cartoonist. >> i haven't posted it yet. >> stephanie: okay. he is funny. everybody calm down we're not going to run out of bacon. >> oh, thank god. >> stop it. just stop it. >> ann romney: stop it.
8:36 am
>> stephanie: economies have stepped forward to soothe us all, the idea that we would run out of pork is really overblown. [ applause ] >> stephanie: so everybody can go back to what you were doing. >> ann romney: stop it. >> stephanie: bacon mania going on in the country. >> there was. >> stephanie: linda in california you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: good morning. i have three quickies and one relevant. will you let me do it? >> stephanie: sure. >> caller: before anybody votes for lord mitt romney they might want to check out the september 22nd airing of how the state got their shapes. it's about utah and mormons. >> i have seen that special. it's really cool. >> caller: it is. and people should check that out before they vote for mitt. the second thing is thanks to the women who cleaned their house, because i was sitting around like a big slug enjoying your show, but now i have gotten
8:37 am
cleaning. and third thing is scott brown would not comment on the red sox question, and elizabeth warren is not afraid to answer any questions. >> stephanie: yeah she has a bigger set. martha blackburn she is the tea party gal, tennessee. she said libya was worse than water gate. she said this is very very serious. on friday mike huckabee also indicated that obama should be impeached over the incident. [ applause ] >> really? there is a global baco-bits shortage. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: oh, no! >> they are imitation bacon flavor with pieces of -- stuff. >> stephanie: ross perreault has
8:38 am
declined to endorse anybody. he criticized mccain and pushed for romney in 2008. he says he is too old to do it now. >> here is the deal, see -- >> i thought he already died. >> stephanie: you did not think that. >> i did think that yeah. >> stephanie: he is alive -- >> stockdale is dead. i know that for a fact. >> where am i? why am i here? >> stephanie: jennifer in michigan you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, jen. >> hi how are you doing? >> stephanie: good go ahead. >> caller: i'm a very devout christian, and you were talk about some of these religious leaders and conservative talk show hosts that believe in essence that god is going to help romney win, and i just want to know what crack they have been smoking, because i know the
8:39 am
bible, and it clearly states that to love your neighbor as yourself, which goes against all conservative policies and it also says that we have free will and free choice. so god is not going to be getting involved in the election. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: i also wanted to say that i'm a catholic and usually the catholic bishops tend to go more conservative, but they published an article calling ryan and romney's economic plan immoral and unethical. >> stephanie: that's right. >> good for them. >> caller: and they have sent nuns all over the country to talk to people about this. >> stephanie: yes, on a bus. >> caller: yeah, and i send my daughter to catholic school but i have a big orange sign they made by myself that says catholics for obama. >> stephanie: good for you. >> caller: and i think sometimes people get mad at me, but the bishops actually came out -- and they have never done this
8:40 am
before -- they begged people not to be a single-issue voter. >> stephanie: absolutely. and i think we know god doesn't care about elections he is too busy with sporting events. >> caller: yeah. >> stephanie: we're all big union people here, but i just want to say nice call on that seattle seahawks game by those non-union refs. go see hawks. >> the seahawks won the game because of the call >> stephanie: yes. i'm just a panderer. >> a panda bear. >> stephanie: we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: dammit jim, you made me snarf on my keyboard again. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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8:44 am
(vo) always outspoken, now unleashed. joy behar. >> on my next show, i'll talk to fashion icon stacy london. now, i have to figure out what not to wear, for the host of what not to wear. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
8:45 am
>> stephanie: you have to go all the way back. >> i don't think we had a ticklish rat, though. >> stephanie: no. celebrities hold a little sway. 89% of respondents celebrity endorsements made no difference to them. that's why that clint eastwood thing made it even smarter. 70% of respondents also think scientology is not a real religion. [ wah wah ]
8:46 am
>> i'm just going to do whatever zaun is going to do. >> stephanie: sure. angelina jolie wouldn't agree with you. maria shriver friends call bull [ censor bleep ] on arnold. a source close to marie says she didn't know about the affairs. saying she never would have defended him against things of that nature. by the way, i think -- he floored the cbs reporting by revealing he rejected the republican party platform and performed multiple same-sex weddings. he married some chicks in my office. i think he wanted the hot girl on girl. he is still a pig. >> the marriage and the wedding night happened at the same time in my office. >> i think he referred to the
8:47 am
woman as a cigar-smoking lesbian. >> stephanie: yeah. >> so i'm not sure she was of the lipstick variety. >> stephanie: you never know. >> just saying. >> stephanie: it is stereotypical. >> have you ever smoked a cigar. >> stephanie: no. >> all right. >> stephanie: the lesbian daughter of the hong kong billionaire -- >> the one that offered the bounty for someone who would bring her around. >> stephanie: yeah. i think she has some other issues. after her extremely wealthy father put up a call for marriage solicitations, she said her inbox has been -- with men. >> it's raining men. >> stephanie: she actually has a
8:48 am
long-time same-sex partner. i realized i have a really loving daddy. all right. here's some money for therapy. [ applause ] >> stephanie: wow, somebody speculated that my big thing i'm doing to is i'm going to see justin bieber. >> sure. >> stephanie: he puked on stage the other night. i think i pass on that. >> stephanie: he blames it on too much milk. >> well, there's milk in bailey's. >> sure. >> stephanie: no, the big news is i meet carol burnett tonight. >> that's adorbs.
8:49 am
>> stephanie: that will be the first thing she will say to jay, i have got to get out of my dressing room. steph [ inaudible ] is going to host the oscars. >> that's an interesting point. >> stephanie: it is. >> he was very good when he hosted "saturday night live" a couple of weeks ago. >> stephanie: somebody just sent me the clip from family guy -- i shouldn't say -- now that i'm dating here. it's just that one character says jody foster is a very bad man! she is a good man now that i'm dating her. >> you just called her a man -- [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: no you see what steph mcfarlane did to me now? adele has confirmed she has co-written -- >> stephanie: i saw that yesterday. >> stephanie: she is not going
8:50 am
to be able to top our audra. well you know the jan brewer movie. >> stephanie: wow! ♪ bone finger you must think that you are so cool ♪ ♪ she passed high school ♪ ♪ she will get in your face ♪ ♪ putting fingers right up in your face ♪ ♪ it's the dead less corpse ♪ >> stephanie: oh no. [ applause ] >> stephanie: i'm looking forward to that. john?
8:51 am
tulsa tulsa, oklahoma. >> caller: here is the deal on the poll conspiracy. they are setting the predicate for when they steal the election. you can always tell what the republicans are doing, because it is exactly what they accuse the democrats of doing. they will steel the election and then say i told you the polls are wrong. and it's all because of the voter id thing. >> stephanie: yes, just get out and vote. mark in dallas you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, mark. >> caller: hi, how are you doing? >> stephanie: great. go ahead. >> caller: i got six hours of sexy liberal today. so i'm having a great day. for all of these people who keep saying that the democrat have this conspiracy to steal the
8:52 am
election, if that were possible how did george w. bush get elected in 2000 -- >> and 2004. >> caller: i am not seeing any romney signs here in texas. >> stephanie: wow, how fun would that be if romney loses texas. >> stephanie: let's go to steve. >> caller: can the koch brothers donate $100 million to an election, and get a tax write-off for it? can you answer that? >> stephanie: can you get a tax write-off -- >> caller: do they get a tax write-off when they contribute all of this money -- >> i'm not sure. i'm not a tax accountant. >> stephanie: and your phone is breaking up. jim in new jersey. hi, jim. >> caller: just for a minute. let's forget about reports that
8:53 am
mitt romney is being sued for copyright infringement with his ken doll. >> stephanie: see what you did. >> caller: he would say we need this debate on taxes, we want this debate on taxes and now -- >> stephanie: and so far. >> caller: yeah, now he says i would talk about my plan but i don't want to hurt fox's ratings. >> stephanie: yeah, i don't have time to explain all of the math. that's crazy. [ cuckoo clock chimes ] >> stephanie: now we are having a debate on taxes, and guess what you are losing? neener. that's it for us. hal sparks tomorrow. actress kerry washington, who awesome. joining us tomorrow. we will see you then on the "stephanie miller show." happy birthday, jacki! >> jacki schechner! ♪ 43
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